Zahlung per Pay per Bank

Easy order execution with PayByBank

You can also pay your order via a bank account to the following partner banks: Alpha Bank, Eurobank, Piraeus Bank and National Bank.

For your better service, we use the service "PayByBank", with this service we are automatically informed about your payment without having to send the proof of payment or call us to confirm the payment.

After completing your order, you will receive a PayByBank payment code, this code can be found at one of the following points:

In the successful completion step of your order.

Your confirmation email (if you have entered a valid email)

Calling us at 2811 808 818

Be careful, another is your order number (it is a six-digit number) and another is the PayByBank number (consisting of thirteen digits).

If you make the payment via e-banking, select PayByBank from the menu and enter the details you will be asked for.

If you make a payment via phone-banking, please let us know that it is a "PayByBank" payment (there are no commissions from the bank via e-banking or phone-banking payments).

Once you have completed your payment, you do not have to do anything else, our system will automatically update within a few minutes and your order will be promoted for packaging!

KOSMOS SPOR SA has concluded agreements with the largest banking organizations in Greece, such as EFG Eurobank for the use of their systems,

Thus maintaining the highest possible level of security. Security systems have been approved by international organizations / companies such as Verisign, Microsoft, Visa International & Mastercard Europay.

All transactions on this site are made in Euros.

Prices in other currencies are only indicative, and to find out the exact rate you should contact the organization whose card you will use.

KOSMOS SPOR SA reserves the right to delay any order for security controls or even cancel it.


* The extra costs arise from the charges of the business that undertakes the transaction and is not from KOSMOS SPOR SA. These costs are covered by the client.