Ground Types Guide

It's very important to know how to choose the correct sole plate for the surface you are playing! It's not only for the perfomance and longevity of your football shoes, but also to avoid the risk of an injury.

Using an outsole that isn't designed specificaly for the surface on which you are playing, may cause premature wear and/or damage. If you want to learn the difference between the surfaces, click on the yellow buttons on the right side (FG, AG,FG-AG, ST και TF).


Firm Ground

Shoes for Firm Ground refer to a natural, hard, short turf which may be slightly wet. Firm ground plugs are specially made for this kind of surfaces and offer acceleration, comfort and improved grip, evenly distributing the pressure exerted.


SUITABLE ONLY FOR: Hard, dry, natural turf.

DESIGNED FOR: acceleration, comfort and improved grip.

Usually, they have a shaped and conical shape or the shape of the clinchers.

Artificial grass

Shoes for Artificial Grass (also known for their use during all weather conditions) usually consist of 3G (hollow rubber) or 4G (longer plugs combining rubber with sand filling). Artificial Grass (AG) shoes are specially made to withstand the extra friction with the synthetic surface. Typically, what characterizes them are the many and densely assembled clinchers, which may sometimes differ in height for improved adhesion and be hollow for reduced weight and better anti-shock protection.


SUITABLE FOR ONLY:All kinds of artificial turf

DESIGNED FOR:acceleration, comfort, improved grip and reduced weight

Usually, they have a shaped and conical or concave shape.

Firm & Artificial Grround

The shoes for Artificial-Firm Ground are hybrids shoes for FG and AG surfaces. The construction of the FG-AG outer sole covers the player who want to play on both natural and artificial turf surfaces. Their sole feature plugs in many sizes and designs.


SUITABLE FOR: hard surfaces with natural or synthetic turf.

DESIGNED FOR: Acceleration and comfort.

Usually, their plugs have different shapes and lengths.


Street shoes are suitable for stadiums or surfaces commonly found in residential areas in the center of a city. They can include many types of hard surfaces, such as asphalt, paved or hard closed areas. Their outer sole features a durable rubber and many protrusions for grip and comfort.


SUITABLE FOR ONLY: hard areas such as asphalt and paved.

DESIGNED FOR: improved traction anti-vibration protection and comfort.

Usually, have a tougher, more durable rubber outsole with many plugs or protrusions.

Turf trainer

Turf shoes are suitable for synthetic surfaces and require smaller plugs that are similar to the needs covered by the hard surface plugs. They have a solid rubber outsole with many small protrusions. Turf plugs are also suitable for playing on a very dry natural turf pitch with hard soil or gravel.


SUITABLE FOR ONLY: synthetic surfaces, known as Astro Turf

DESIGNED FOR: improved traction, anti-shock protection and comfort

Usually feature soft, firm rubber on the outer sole and many plugs or protrusions