What is the GO COSMOS privilege card?

It's a card that fills you points from everywhere. Because as you shop so much you win. With every purchase from Soccer10, you earn points.


How can I obtain the GO COSMOS privilege card?

Card issuance can be made in our physical store by completing the required application form, which you can find at the cashier or at the online store once you have registered, click on your account and fill in the online application form for a new card.


What do I earn with the GO COSMOS privilege card?

With every euro market you earn one point.

  • For every 200 credits, you earn a voucher of 20.00 €, in addition to 1000 points you win an extra 100.00 € voucher.

  • Earn gift vouchers up to 180.00 € for every 1000 points you collect!

  • When you reach 1000 points your card is reset and starts again from the beginning.

  • For products that are discounted or bidding, you earn one point for every three euro purchases.


How do I collect points?

Making your purchases at Soccer10 and at our online store www.soccer10.gr. A prerequisite is to tell your card code at the store's cash register and for our online stores the card is inserted into it.


How and when do I redeem my points?

Once you have accumulated the necessary points, you can redeem them to your next purchase in one of our stores, including our online store.


Can I redeem my points at the same time as I complete?

Not in the same purchase but in the next.


If the redemption of my gift voucher the value of the product is less than the value of the voucher, the remaining money what is being done?

The amount of your purchase must be equal to or greater than the value of the gift voucher.


Can I not redeem my voucher?

Yes. You can collect as many gift vouchers as you want and buy products of equal or greater value than gift vouchers.


Can the shipping be covered by my voucher?

No. It is not possible to cover transport from the voucher. Gift vouchers are only used to purchase products.


Do I earn points by cashing my gift voucher?

The voucher is a product of the offer and you are not able to collect any points from it. As well as points you can not collect from the cost of transport.


Do I have a discount on my card purchases?

No. The card is not a discount card.


Where can I see my points?

  • In our online store: Next to "My Cart".

  • In our stores: Asking the cashier as well as proof of your purchase.


What are the extra benefits of the card?

  • Membership offers: Email and sms updates for special promotions made all year round for GO COSMOS card members only.

  • Discount Discounts: With your card you make your purchases at discounted rates one week before official discounts begin.

  • Free Product Reservations: For one week without deposit in all our stores.

  • Return right: One month from the date of purchase even on Saturday.


When do my points appear on my card?

All points are charged on the card at the moment the receipt is cut, and not on the completion of your order.

Will I get a card by making the application?

Let's go Green! We take care of the environment and you will no longer receive a plastic card, but only e-mail and sms with the membership card code.